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Read how B Fit Consulting has helped many men and women reach and exceed their fitness goals.  Click to "Sign Up" button above to start your journey, and we'll soon be able to inspire others with your testimonial!

"​I want to look like the girls on the cover of Oxygen magazine!" That's what I said to Sabina at our first meeting three years ago. While I've not yet landed my first magazine cover, I do have a shaped and sculpted body thanks to Sabina' s workouts and my hard work and dedication to change. Along the way, I've been inspired and challenged by Sabina to try many new things, including a figure competition. In 2011, I decided to run my first ever 5K race. My personal goal was just to finish. Well, not only did I finish, but I won my age division! Since then, I have run many more 5 and 10K races and in February I ran in my first Half Marathon. Sabina's killer workouts of squats and lunges and extra cardio sessions helped prepare me to cross that finish line-- and receive my medal! I'm now running Obstacle course races in addition to my road races. Who knows what's next!? I'm strong, toned and fit at 52.  Thank you, Sabina!!"

-Barbara M.
Stone Mountain, GA.

"My name is Celeste Hunt figure competitor,mother, and veterinary technician.  At the age of 30 I became pregnant with my son, who is now 7 and that is when the scale went up. Standing 5'3 I was tipping the scale at 210 lbs. After the birth of Keegan I dropped to 180 lbs and wanted to make a change.  I will always remember seeing Sabina working out at the gym but never approached her. I then saw her at a show and this is where it began. I started working with Sabina as a self motivated athlete in  2008, meaning I see her on a weekly basis communicate via email/ text and I train myself. Not only has meeting Sabina  helped keep me focus in fitness but we have also created a friendship. I'm now 38 and a NPC National Figure Competitor."

-Celeste H.
Atlanta, GA.

"I want to applaud and commend Sabina Moise, an extrordinary personal trainer, for her wonderful help and guidance in my physical transformation.  Without her I would not be where I am today.  I often call her my angel from above.  You see, when I first met Sabina I was a whopping 385 pounds.  Today, because of her willingness to go the extra mile, and her technical expertise in personal training, I am a svelt 235 pounds.  Most importantly, I have been able to keep the weight off for more than two years now!  I didn't just lose weight, Sabina helped me reshape my physique through resistance training combined with cardiovascular exercises.  If you are ready, you would do well to utilize Sabina.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, like I was, Sabina can help you like she helped me!  Get your blessing!  Get Sabina!!"

-Charles M.
Atlanta, GA.

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